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How To Lose Fat For The Long Run & More

How To Lose Fat For The Long Run & More

How to cut weight, longevity in the gym, and QnA

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Today in the Gaintrust Community I shared my journey as I begin my cutting phase for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. I'm focusing on a moderate caloric deficit, using my recent maintenance intake as a baseline, rather than making drastic calorie cuts. This approach is personalized and sustainable, aimed at steady fat loss over the 16 weeks I have until the competition.

During my bulking phase, I faced the challenge of consuming high calories, particularly from carbohydrates, which was difficult but necessary for muscle growth. Now, in my cutting phase, I'm finding a certain relief in easing back on the caloric intake, despite my general dislike for eating large amounts during bulking. I've emphasized the importance of meeting my calorie and macro targets daily to achieve my goals.

I also discussed the significance of dietary discipline and the use of nutrition tracking apps like Macrofactor to manage my diet meticulously, whether I'm in a deficit or a maintenance phase. It's crucial to be precise with your caloric intake and macros to succeed in dieting effectively.

I warned against the pitfalls of prolonged dieting without breaks, advocating for strategic maintenance phases to allow for recovery, both mentally and physically. This approach can help avoid common issues like hitting a plateau or rebound weight gain.

Looking forward, I'm aiming to maximize my weight class with good proportions and shared plans for future content and engagement with my audience. My talk was a mix of personal experiences and advice for anyone interested in fitness, stressing the importance of a thoughtful, disciplined approach to dieting and the usefulness of technology in dietary management.

In addition to dieting and training strategies, I touched on the topic of bodybuilders and the risk of injury, particularly from the perspective of training intensity and the pursuit of longevity in the sport. I discussed the example of famous bodybuilders who've suffered serious injuries due to their intense training methods. This led me to emphasize the importance of training smartly to avoid injuries, ensuring longevity in the gym and in bodybuilding competitions.

I made a point to highlight the difference between training to failure and training within one's limits. While training to failure can be seen as a badge of honor among bodybuilders, it's not always necessary and can increase the risk of injury. My approach has always been to train hard but within reason, focusing on consistency and avoiding pushing to the point of risking injury. This balanced approach has allowed me to stay injury-free and maintain my physique and performance over the years.

This segment of the talk was aimed at encouraging a more sustainable approach to bodybuilding, where health and long-term well-being are prioritized alongside achieving peak physical condition.

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