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Gaintrust Podcast Ep. 1 David Reaboi

Episode was recorded on Jul 28th, 2021.

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My thoughts on fitness and bodybuilding
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This Episode was recorded on Jul 28th, 2021. Figured I would upload some of the old podcast episodes before doing new conversations. Enjoy!!

Time stamps and references:

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:25 Introductions/David's Substack Topics

0:12:18 Conservatism in Flux

0:20:37 What is Gaintrust

0:22:13 Simone Biles

0:45:08 Extremes in Creative Culture on the Left & Right

1:00:50 Jordan Peterson

1:07:48 Cancel Culture goes for Black Rifle Coffee

1:28:58 The “Swole" Left

1:44:20 Gym Culture

2:03:15 David's Fitness Takes

Works referenced by David: From Dawn to Decadance

How the Ruling Class Corrupted America

David's Substack: Late Republic Nonsense Substack

DMV Iron Gym


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